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Market Update June 17, 2011

The S&P 500 is eying a bounce this morning as traders/investors gain confidence over the situation in Greece and Europe.  While of course no long-term solutions are offered, traders can be appeased in the short term with the promise of short-term bailouts and stability efforts. Interestingly, Apple (AAPL) broke its 200 day moving average yesterday […]

Microsoft’s Next Dividend Raise Coming Soon

Microsoft announced on Wednesday the 4th consecutive dividend at $.16 per quarter.  If the increases remain as they have in recent years, we can expect the next quarter’s dividend to be approximately $.19-$.20 per share.  With a stock price of $24 per share, this would translate to a yield of 3.17%-3.33%.  Crossing the 3% threshold […]

Signs Of A Real Market Bottom

The following are some interesting characteristics of a market bottom.  Let’s walk through them, then make an educated guess on where we stand with regards to such a bottom currently in the stock market. Compressed P/E Ratios A market bottom will have compressed P/E ratios.  P/E ratios should be in the single digits, maybe 6-8 […]

Will Walmart Express Stores Help Boost US Sales?

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT) has debuted its first Walmart Express store.  These stores will range in the 15,000 square foot area with regards to store size and will allow Walmart to better compete with dollar stores that have been performing well in recent years. Dollar stores such as Family Dollar (FDO), Dollar Tree (DLTR) and […]

Stagflation Becoming Clearer

Economic data has indeed indicated slower growth in recent weeks and months and is a primary driver of increased volatility in the markets.  Meanwhile, prices continue to rise (albeit at a lower pace), further indicating stagflation is setting in.  Stagflation is indeed the prognosis that we have for the economy and firmly believe stagflation will […]

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