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Investing In Stocks For The Sake Of Cash Flow

Dividend Portfolio

Stock Active DRIP? Target Price Bulk Target Price Current Share Price

More stocks will be added as attractive long-term dividend stocks are researched.

Stocks removed from the dividend portfolio:
1. Chimera Investment Corp (CIM)


Active DRIP - This refers to whether or not I am currently allocating money every month to this stock via a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP). This indicates that while I have target prices in play, I’m still fine buying shares at all current prices because the long-term potential is so high. Read more on DRIPs here.

Target Price - The target price is the price I’m looking to either start a position or pick up more shares (if I already own it). If I’m already doing a DRIP plan for this stock, I possibly might increase the monthly allocation if the stock moves below the target price.

Bulk Target Price - The bulk target price refers to the price that would warrant allocating a large amount of capital to the position. These targets typically hit only every few years or so (and maybe less). We build up cash reserves specifically for these occasions - to allocate massive amounts of capital at very attractive and very rare buying opportunities.