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Microsoft Updates: Office 365, More Ballmer Rumors

Microsoft (MSFT) has been in the news plenty this week as leadership debuted the cloud version of their productivity software, Office 365.  This is a logical evolution of their dominant software suite.  I like the move and it shows further evidence that Microsoft is indeed moving forward with their important product lines.  It’s worth noting […]

Dividends Offer Decent Protection Against Inflation

Gold, silver and precious metals are obvious choices for protecting your financial assets from inflation.  Precious metals basically hedge your cash against losing value.  Hopefully if your purchasing power is eroding on your cash, the increased value in your gold holdings compensates and you make out ok. With regards to stocks, dividend stocks are indeed […]

Concerned Over Direction Of Windows

I was initially impressed with the Windows 8 Preview that I posted here on the site.  I followed that up with the extended video of the interview and longer demonstration of the new system (can be seen here).  I have lost some of my initial views and am now a little concerned over the direction […]

Market Update June 21, 2011

The markets have had three up days in a row following the news that Europe is near another “kick the can” bailout of the bankrupt country of Greece.  Of course, the market is being driven by short term traders right now, which we want nothing to do with. We will continue to be patient and […]

Macro Investing Trend: US Consumer Trade Down

One of the most important factors in selecting stocks for your dividend portfolio is to make sure the companies line up with major macro themes that you have a good level of confidence in that they will play out.  One of the most important macro themes in my opinion facing the American economy is the […]

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