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About MyDividendStocks.com

Welcome.  I’m glad you stopped by MyDividendStocks.com - one of the fastest growing dividend investor websites on the internet.  If you’re a new visitor, this page will help you get acquainted with the website.

With MyDividendStocks.com, we seek to do the following:

  1. Explain why dividends should be the primary focus of investing in stocks for individuals looking to build wealth over time
  2. Offer specific stocks that should be owned and provide updates over time on these specific positions
  3. Recommend how individuals might find money to allocate towards dividend stocks at a young age to build massive portfolios over time

The Portfolio

We have a dividend portfolio that we have built that includes stocks we recommend including the recommended target buy prices.  Our goal is not to create a huge portfolio, but instead create a portfolio of 7-15 stocks then go deep on these stocks.  It’s better to understand a few stocks very well then understand a little on a large number of stocks.  View the portfolio.

Regular Blog Content

We provide daily articles providing updates on the specific stocks in our portfolio.  If you’re an investor of one of the stocks in our portfolio, I strongly encourage you visit this site daily to get updates on these companies.

We also include general investing advice and information on investing in dividend stocks.  Occasionally, we’ll also update the reader with passive income ideas and thoughts.  Visit the blog.

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