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Green Investing – Doing Good for Earth (and Portfolios)

Posted on | September 5, 2013 | 7 Comments

Our World has gone through a massive change since the Industrial Revolution - we have witnessed technology that have forever shaped our lifestyles. Fast forward to the Information Age and we, too, can see how computing has become integral in our daily lives. Now we’re at the forefront of the latest, growing industry that will become a staple for business (and investing): green technology.

The Western world has experienced the impact of large-scale production – mainly, pollution, which has caused an interest and push toward providing greener alternatives such as electric cars, lower carbon emissions, and a reduction in plastic. The East is amidst an equally unique time because they are experiencing both industrial and information growth; large countries like China and India may have negative press about the pollution but they will soon find themselves flocking to green industries once they’ve accomplished their industrial goals.

Countries like Germany are leading the charge with their decree to end the use of fossil fuels by 2050. Tesla Motors have shaken the auto and oil industry with their well-received automobile. Solar and wind production has made leaps and bounds thanks to scientific discoveries.

In short: the age of green energy, industry, and lifestyle is upon us.

There are, as you could expect, many opportunities for investors to diversify their portfolio and build a nest egg that is bound to explode in profitability since we’re still so very early into the adoption of green technology on a global scale.

Some of these investments include:

·  Exploring the options set by Avacade Investments which offer the ability to invest in the planting of in-demand trees on protected plantations which are later harvested for high-end wood products; doing so encourages green business growth and keeps our air clean.

·  Providing microloans to individuals around the world (especially in third-world countries) that want to start a business, send children to school, pay bills, and other valuable activities which provides a nice return on the investment, helps individuals in need, and can find its focus on green initiatives if you choose that focus.

·  Consider becoming an eco-venture capitalist who provides the funding for companies entering the green industry; you can choose which businesses to fund, how much you’ll provide, and the amount on your return. Later on you may have access to early stock options since you were in with the business from the very beginning.

·  There are many, many companies that have pushed for green energy solutions which we’ve seen a wide adoption in areas such as lighting, energy control, and solar; their products are available to consumers and businesses which has spurred a multi-billion dollar growth in key areas of products we used on a daily basis. Investment in the companies (and manufacturers) behind these products are a sure-fire win.

Green investing will become one of the many new items to add to portfolios as we see the industry mature and expand through social/industry acceptance and advancements in technology. Now is the perfect time to explore the options available; not only will you do good for the Earth but you’ll do equally so for your growth and portfolio.