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Microsoft + Skype = CRM?

We have heard a great deal of speculation over what Microsoft plans to do with Skype.  Mobile phones, Xbox communication, etc.  A recent article over at Forbes provides the most interesting idea yet for what Microsoft can and should do with Skype, and that is integrate phone into CRM. Very interesting insight into how CRM solutions are too disconnected from phone - for example, automatically linking phone calls to contacts within a CRM solution.  Microsoft’s Dynamics product coupled with Outlook Read more [...]

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Is “Buy and Hold” Still Viable?

When the market crashed in 2008, many were quick to scream that “buy and hold” was dead.  Buy and hold is the investment philosophy that is pushed at the masses from Wall Street like crazy.  Before we get into the merits of the philosophy, let us first recognize who pushes the philosophy the most and why.  Wall Street pushes it because they stand the most to gain from a fully invested public.  Whether it is 401(k) plans, mutual funds, investment advisers, whatever, the consensus philosophy that Read more [...]

Market Update June 10, 2011

The Dow closed the week under 12,000 for the first time in several months.  The markets are down roughly 6.5% since the highs at the start of May. The correction is nice for the stocks we’re looking to buy such as the ones in the dividend portfolio.  For example, Walmart is trading under $53, Microsoft is under $24, Raven Industries is under $50, Philip Morris Int’l is under $68.  These aren’t screaming buys at current levels, but they are indeed improving and becoming more attractive. While Read more [...]

Thoughts On Buying Back Shares

Several of the stocks in our dividend portfolio are involved in massive share buyback plans.  In fact, Walmart just recently announced a new $15 billion share buyback plan.  This brings up some important questions on investing, namely whether we prefer management to allocate cash into share buybacks or into dividend payments to shareholders.  Let’s look at a few important points. Reinvesting into the company For a company like Walmart, the shares haven’t moved much in a decade.  It is likely Read more [...]

David Einhorn Speech On Microsoft

This is a very good insight from Hedge Fund manager and owner of Microsoft shares, David Einhorn.  Here are some quality excerpts: On the positives of Microsoft’s business: So let’s see what’s happened to that recommendation. First, from an operating perspective, Microsoft has made clear progress. Revenues, profits and earnings have all grown at a decent rate. Microsoft has also repurchased enough stock to make a noticeable impact on the share count. Earnings per share have more than Read more [...]

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