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Nokia Gets Slammed, Loses Value - What Does It Mean For Microsoft?

Nokia shares are down big today after a miserable earnings report.  Phones are both selling for less and volumes are down, a double whammy that is hitting shares.  I’m not too concerned for Nokia, but am more interested in what this might mean for Microsoft. Currently, Microsoft has a deal to implement Windows Phone OS […]

Walmart’s Acquisition Of South Africa’s Massmart Approved

Walmart has been granted approval to continue with its 51% acquisition of Massmart, the large retailer in South Africa.  The competition panel which reviewed the transaction has put minor stipulations on the agreement saying that Walmart must not cut any jobs for two years. As we’ve been saying, this is a long-term play for Walmart, […]

Price Increases Likely Unavoidable For McDonald’s

Rising input costs is affecting a great number of companies around the world, and McDonald’s Corp (MCD) is no different.  Some analysts expect input costs to rise 4-5% this year for McDonald’s which is one of the world’s largest food providers. McDonald’s compensates by raising prices for their end-consumers, but it is a delicate process. […]

Investing In A Tough Economic Environment

The hardest part about investing in a tough economic environment is finding capital to allocate towards investments.  Let’s face it, it can be difficult to pay the bills and have a little bit left over to go to a movie or something, especially when young and not in the prime earning years of your life. […]

Further Penetration In India Coming For Walmart

India will further relax its rules for foreign investment in retail possibly by 2012. Current law limits foreign retail investment to operating wholesale stores or 51% ownership in single-brand retail stores. The intention is to protect local store owners. Walmart operates a handful of wholesale stores currently in the country, but will indeed expand quickly […]

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