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Walmart’s South Africa Deal Getting Close

Walmart continues to await the decision of South Africa’s Competition Tribunal on the potential 51% acquisition of South Africa’s Massmart.  With a decision imminent, it is looking good for Walmart. Local unions and government have expressed concern over the acquisition for two reasons: They are worried Walmart’s acquisition will lead to job cuts They are […]

Buying Back Shares vs Dividends

Many of the companies in the dividend portfolio engage in both buying back shares and paying dividends.  There’s a constant argument about what might be the better strategy and what is better for shareholders.  The answer to that really depends. Before we begin, the problem with share buybacks is that sometimes management uses them to […]

Watch Walmart’s Upcoming Annual Meeting Online

On Friday, June 3, 2011, Walmart will hold its annual meeting, and investors will be able to watch a live webcast of the meeting on Walmart’s website.  You can read more about this development by visiting the announcement here. If you hold Walmart stock, you will want to tune into this meeting.  Our philosophy is […]

Large Investor, Hedge Fund All-Star Calls For Microsoft CEO To Step Down

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is used to criticism.  Microsoft is an easy target for investors and is often criticized for missing out on web technologies and other innovation in the mobile and tablet space, losing leadership in these areas to competitors like Google and Apple. Now, a major investor whose fund owns 9 million shares […]

Medtronic 2011 Q4 Results

Medtronic failed to hit earnings this quarter as they reported a 19% drop in fourth-quarter profits.  The company earned $776 million or 72 cents per share in the quarter.  Charges related to lay-offs in the range of $198 million hurt profits and excluding these items, the company earned more like 90 cents per share. Sales […]

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