Dividend Stocks

Investing In Stocks For The Sake Of Cash Flow

The Importance of a Proper Investment Plan

People that are the do it yourself types of investors inevitably fail in the long run. Actually most investor’s fail to a certain percent in the market. Investors that have a made many successful trades all have one thing in common. A proven strategy plan. It’s not enough just to set up an investment plan […]

Top Ways to Add Value to your Home

For most people, their house is their single biggest material possession. Therefore, if there is any possession whose value you would want to increase, it has to be your house. Just a 5% change in value of a $500,000 house can increase the net worth of its owner by $25,000. In the following sections, we […]

Passive Income the American Dream

People always chase after the American Dream. They dream of sleeping in every day, pursuing their favorite hobbies and work when they want. They dream of going to the mailbox every day and receiving a check for not working at a job in years. But exactly what is the American Dream and how do you […]

An Introduction to Forex Currency Trading

While many enjoy dividends and trading on the stockmarket for those who are unfamiliar, there is trading currencies on the Forex Market. While I still prefer obtaining dividends, I have done quit well at times trading currencies and you may like it. The Forex market also known as the foreign exchange market may be a […]

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

People who are afraid to invest sometimes entertain the thought of just digging a hole in the back yard and buying their cash. Of course this would be financial suicide to do so. Those who have cash in a savings account and are afraid to invest it are doing more harm than good. When you […]

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