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Passive Income the American Dream

Posted on | April 18, 2013 | 3 Comments

People always chase after the American Dream. They dream of sleeping in every day, pursuing their favorite hobbies and work when they want. They dream of going to the mailbox every day and receiving a check for not working at a job in years. But exactly what is the American Dream and how do you go about pursuing it?

Three are literally thousands of work from home jobs and scams that promise millions of dollars every month for doing nothing. These jobs and scams promise the moon and the stars while you do nothing. As the saying goes when something is too good to be true it usually is. There has never actually been such a job where you don’t work and get paid for it.

The reality of it is if you want money flowing into your mailbox every day you have to work at it. And it takes long hours and hard work.

Here is one sure fire way to get that.

Perpetual Dividend Raisers – Stocks That Raise by Themselves Every Year
By investing in these types of stocks you automatically give yourself a raise every year. You are not working every day maybe not at all but the stocks you have invested in are working on their own gaining interest. By investing in perpetual dividend raisers you are beating inflation while gaining income.

Here’s an example: You buy stocks that yield a dividend of 3.7%. In the past 5 years, this stock has raised its own dividends by an amazing 285% every year with the last raise being 162%. If this stock continues to raise itself by that same percentage every year you will have given yourself a raise.

Also consider the gain in the price of each share alone increases your buying power as inflation goes higher each year.

If you currently do not need the dividends you can invest them by buying more shares. Then when you do need the income you will have it.

If you buy 200 shares of the same stock, in a few years it turns into 245 shares because you didn’t spend your dividend checks instead you invested them by buying more shares. If you decide to start spending your divident checks the shares will still be raising on their own.

Because the stocks were busy working for five years, the more shares you have the more self-raising dividends you have every year. The dividends keep rolling in and it’s our choice whether you want to spend the dividend checks or reinvest them by purchasing more shares.

This can be the American Dream you’ve been looking for. The perfect stream of income without having a job or working from home. This is not a get rich quick scheme or a work from home job. This is solid investing. But you need to do a bit of research in finding self rising stocks. Not all stocks do that. Your best option is to hire a stock broker or financial advisor who specializes in stocks to find the right ones.


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