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Investing In Stocks For The Sake Of Cash Flow

Deferring Your Pension: The Pros and Cons

Retirement is the dream that we’re all reaching for - everyone anticipates the day they don’t have to get up early to go to work anymore. However, it might actually work out better for you to defer your pension and continue working, whether it be for just a few more months or even years. There […]

Why do people not consider an overdraft as debt?

According to research from Moneysupermarket.com, four million Brits live in their overdraft. This is on top of the 17 million other British adults that have been forced to dip into an overdraft facility in the past 12 months. Of that number, a quarter did so within fifteen days of receiving their monthly salary, while seven […]

Great Dividend Stock Picks for the Super Bowl and Beyond

The 47th Super Bowl is nearly upon us and whether you’re a die-hard AFC fan or will be rooting for the NFC team, a Super Bowl party is a must, and as always, planning ahead is the key to success. What does the Super Bowl have to do with dividend stocks, you might be wondering. […]

Cash in on McDividends

With those ubiquitous golden arches, McDonald’s is the largest fast-food chain in the world with over 33,000 restaurants serving almost 70 million people in 119 countries from Argentina to Iraq, Bosnia to the Philippines. Whilst McDonald’s may not be the most PC of companies to invest in (they have addressed these concerns by changing coffee […]

Freelancer’s guide to pensions and investments

As a freelancer you’ll need to be much more aware of your financial future than your average office worker would be. This is because self-employed individuals aren’t able to rely on a works pension to save money for their retirement and instead have to set up their own pension scheme or investment programme. Contract workers […]

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