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Tech by numbers: how gadget sales have changed over the years

Posted on | March 19, 2013 | Comments Off

A home without gadgets is just unthinkable in this day and age, especially when there are a whole host if innovative and exciting products on the market. From TV remotes that control both your screen display and the level and base of sound to touchscreen tablets that house just about every application under the sun, the choices are endless.

Saving money without sacrificing fun

With a number of us becoming conscious of the money we are spending, many are beginning to utilise technology in order to save a little money.

Take flat screen televisions for example. Such a device boasts a similar experience to that of the cinema, with many products boasting 3D views and HD performance. Watching a film in the comfort of your own home will not only save you a great deal of money, it will also allow you to chill out completely.

The ultra slim televisions are great options for those that live in compact apartments as instead of taking up table space, they can be mounted flush to the wall. This also allows each and every family member with a better view of what’s on the big screen.

These factors have encouraged more consumers to spend their hard earned cash on home entertainment as opposed to that of cinema excursions.

 Keeping an eye on your household bills

There are a number of quirky products hitting the market this season, many of which boast to help you save money in the household. For this reason alone, more and more consumers are choosing to spend a little extra on a variety of tech-savvy products that boast to help you in the home.

Many of these devices can be tuned into your iPad or Android tablet, allowing homeowners to search through their past energy usage, allowing you to cut costs where you need to. Easy-to-use functions enable even the most die-hard technophobes to utilise the devices in a hassle-free manner.

Advanced applications

Advanced applications have certainly boosted gadget sales over the past few years. Benefits offered by a tablet device include that of the many innovative applications available to download. Recipes, learning apps, sports and reading programmes are just a few of the options available.

A device such as a tablet allows you to house a range of data in the same place, including that of your favourite novels, films and games as well as important emails and documents. All of this data can be accessed on the go without the need for a non-portable computer – perfect if you’ve just chosen to sell your iPad to buy a newer model.


As a tech-savvy individual, I will often be on the look out for a range of new and exciting applications, especially those that boast to benefit my lifestyle – regardless of whether the app in question helps me get into shape or cut my energy costs.  If, like me, you already own a tablet device but want to upgrade to the latest model then why not sell your iPad online to fund a new purchase.