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Belle Rock Entertainment reports rapid expansion

Belle Rock Entertainment reports rapid expansion in UK’s casino industry

Belle Rock Entertainment reports that the casino industry with in the United Kingdom is on the brink of a significant development.  The hopes for this type of expansion have been on hold since 2005 when Gordon Brown became Prime Minister. While legislation did permit large casinos as well as smaller establishments, it did not promote the idea of super casino complexes. Given the current state of the country’s economy, this idea is again taking shape as the government is looking for ways in which to revive the flailing economy. However, the government is taking baby steps in determining the value of permitting such complexes.
In December 2011, a new casino was opened in Stratford with a second one later opening in Milton Keynes. Plans are currently in develop for others to open in locations such as Hull, Southampton, Great Yarmouth and Middlesborough. When all is said and done there will be a total of eight new casinos in the country. Each facility is limited to the amount of gaming they can provide. Currently, they can each offer 30 tables and 150 fruit machines. Even with the construction of these eight larger casinos, plans also are in the making for five smaller casinos. These new casinos will serve as a test to see how well the new facilities stimulate the economy.
Many see this expansion of land based casinos as a bit surprising given the firm hold online casinos like Belle Rock Entertainment themselves have on the industry. In fact between 2010 and 2011, the online casino industry grew an impressive 32%. With mobile gaming also claiming its share of the market, some question whether the move to build new land based casinos is a good one. What remains true is the strength gaming has within the British populace. 60% of the nation’s 81 million social games play at least one time a day.