Dividend Stocks

Investing In Stocks For The Sake Of Cash Flow


Previous to 2010, the age that was considered ideal for retirement was 65-years-old, but since 2010 Americans have decided that they need more time and that time has only lengthened in 2013. When one considers that in 1995, 49% of Americans were adamant that they would retire on, or preferably before, the age of 65, […]

Does Spread Betting Mean You Don’t Receive Dividends?

While spread betting isn’t available in all regions, most notably the United States, it is an extremely popular product, offering a very different way of trading. Brokers such as Alpari offer it from as little as 10p per point, making it open to just about anyone. However, there’s a very common misconception that when spread […]

Stock Investment Strategies

Trading strategies for most experienced investors always involves technical analysis, years of experience, plenty of investment research in the stock market arena and knowing a thing or two about share prices. However, everyday investors are looking to protect their 401(k) or planning for retirement and are made to feel less important when investing their money […]