Dividend Stocks

Investing In Stocks For The Sake Of Cash Flow

The Importance of Controlling your Emotions in Trading

Emotions such as anger and fear were known to interfere with rational thinking even in ancient times. So it is not surprising that we find ourselves overwhelmed with emotions such as fear when we are trading in highly stressful situations in modern times, with money that could cost us our paychecks for months or years. […]

A Chance for an Up Bet

If you have at long last yielded to one of Cantor’s UK spread betting offers, here’s a tip you could use. The newspaper industry is in turmoil due to the rise of internet use accompanied by the proliferation of mobile devices. If a newspaper publisher is to thrive, it must be a leader in niche […]

Why would a Company not pay Stock Dividends

Dividends are an important part of the equation when you want to assess a company as an investment. Dividends that are paid out at regular intervals are a sure sign of the good health of a company. Therefore, companies pay out dividend not just to share their profits with their shareholders, but also to signal […]

Things to consider when buying a property

By Betsy Fallwell What do you get when you combine near record low interest rates and property values that are still struggling to recoup the losses of the Great Recession? The answer is the opportunity of a lifetime: to make money through property investment. In some ways, it’s easier to buy a property for investment […]

A Critical Overview of the Best Forex Indicators

Forex trading has become a very attractive business to many people, and this increasing demand has led many experts to conduct extensive research and bring out several innovations which have made currency trading more comfortable and easier. Forex indicators are one of such momentous innovations which are currently used widely to seek forex trading opportunities […]

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