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Investing In Stocks For The Sake Of Cash Flow

TRADE: Added Some WMT at $49.95 / share

I said I like Walmart below $50 a share and I acted on it. This was a small addition, but I added to my Walmart position under $50. We will wait for another leg down before adding more at least in the near term. This starts to get wonderfully attractive around $45.  At that point, […]

Stocks Take Major Hit, Buying Opportunities Getting Closer

When you have the investing strategy that we do, you don’t look at 500 point down days in the Dow as a reason to panic, but a reason to celebrate. We’ve been waiting for many months even a couple of years for better buying opportunities in a few select stocks and we are getting closer. […]

Walmart Share Price Getting Into Nice Buy Territory

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT) has had its share price get hit fairly hard in recent days with the drop in the broad stock market as well as with regards to a recent report that US store traffic might be down this year. The report came from a supposed leaked memo which mentions store traffic down […]

Buying Dividend Stocks vs Paying Off Your Mortgage

It’s an age old argument: investing vs paying off your mortgage. Until recent years, the consensus view was that you should always invest your money. It was considered obvious that you could make a better return on your money than the fixed 30-year rate associated with your mortgage. Let’s acknowledge the fact that Wall Street […]

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