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Microsoft Trading Is Very Strong Right Now

Today the market is down under 1%, however Microsoft (MSFT) is definitely bucking the trend. The stock is up over 1% today and is approaching the $28 level. As you can see in the below chart, this has been our hottest performer in the dividend portfolio in recent weeks: This was one of my best timed trades in recent memory, as we entered the Microsoft position at approximately $24 per share.  Since hitting those levels, it’s gone nearly straight up to where it stands today, just under Read more [...]

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Microsoft 2011 4Q Results

Microsoft (MSFT) reported an excellent fourth quarter, handily beating analyst estimates with a 30% increase in profit from a year ago. This isn’t that surprising considering all major corporations these days are slaughtering analysts (a typical event for this point in the bull market cycle). Net income rose 30% to $5.9 billion or $.69 per share.  Revenue rose 8% to $17.4 billion. The most exciting areas were the Office business and the XBox Kinect which reported very nice sales in the quarter.  Read more [...]

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Investing In Tech Giants

The technology sector is the shining star of the American economy.  As manufacturing ships jobs overseas and iconic American brands like General Motors become reduced to government / union wastelands, the U.S. tech sector continues to lead the world in a myriad of ways. The technology of titans in America such as Microsoft (MSFT), Google (GOOG), Amazon (AMZN) and Apple (AAPL) are being joined by the next crop of tech darlings like Netflix (NFLX) and the social media stars like Facebook, LinkedIn Read more [...]

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Fascinating Letter To Microsoft Board of Directors

A major hedge fund (could it be David Einhorn?) has sent a letter to the Microsoft (MSFT) board of directors and published it anonymously. You can view the entire letter here and here is an excerpt: We are writing to recommend certain actions that the Board should seriously consider to significantly enhance shareholder value of Microsoft. Our funds have been a shareholder of Microsoft since 2006 and currently own over 11 million shares. Despite continuing robust revenue and EPS growth, Microsoft’s Read more [...]

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Microsoft Getting Some Good Headlines

A Skype + Facebook partnership that will create more enhanced Skype capabilities inside of Facebook for its 750 million users is expected to be announced tomorrow.  Skype of course pending completion of the acquisition is owned by Microsoft (MSFT).  Moreover, Microsoft owns a small chunk of Facebook so this is a natural partnership. More capabilities inside of Facebook is important for the company to continue to grow and to increase the time that users already spend in the walled off garden Read more [...]

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