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Great Dividend Stock Picks for the Super Bowl and Beyond

Posted on | January 23, 2013 | Comments Off

The 47th Super Bowl is nearly upon us and whether you’re a die-hard AFC fan or will be rooting for the NFC team, a Super Bowl party is a must, and as always, planning ahead is the key to success. What does the Super Bowl have to do with dividend stocks, you might be wondering. Why, nearly everything, of course!

You will need paper goods and party supplies, and lots and lots of drinks and food to assuage and satisfy a potentially riled up and wild party crowd. Surely you’re already creating that list in your head – you need to buy soda and beer, and snacks and chips as well as a whole host of paper goods. And in a perfect world you’d only have to go to one (okay maybe two) stores to get them all. With a little forethought, every single one of the items on your shopping list, and even the stores that you plan on buying those things from, might be well-known corporations which offer great dividends and could be a valuable transition from shopping list to portfolio.

Coke or Pepsi? Soft drink aficionados will tell you that there is a difference in taste but when it comes to investing, either Coca-Cola or PepsiCo is a great choice. Coca-Cola paid out dividends of $1.02 last year and has a 2.8% yield while PepsiCo’s yield was over 3% last year and they have a history of more than 40 years worth of dividend payouts. You might not be aware of this, but Frito Lays is a PepsiCo product and analysts point out that growing demand from emerging markets could help push PepsiCo, the perennial #2, into the top slot in the years to come.

Experts will say that a Super Bowl party isn’t complete without a keg, and there are several popular brewmeisters which offer not just beer on tap but regular dividends. The world’s largest beer company is Anheuser Busch, which owns not just perpetual favorite Budweiser but also Bass Ale and Becks. Anheuser Busch stock has a yield of 1.48, and had paid out a dividend of $1.57 last year, well above 2011’s $1.1581 and more than triple 2010’s $0.5238. If a quasi-imported beer is more your taste, consider Molson-Coors which has a yield of 2.83%; though at $1.28 dividends weren’t as good as Anheuser Busch’s they pay on a quarterly basis and analysts point out that their growth prospects are improving with an international acquisition which will take them into Eastern and Central Europe.

Of course no one wants to the hassle of cleaning up after a party, and paper plates and napkins make the dirty task a lot easier. Kimberly-Clark, as the maker of Scott paper products, has a huge market share in the industry in the U.S., and has been paying out dividends to its stockholders for more than 40 years. Currently, the stock’s yield is at 3.5% but analysts believe the company is poised to see demand rising from emerging markets.

With shopping list in hand, you’re no doubt hopeful that you can clear the list in one felled swoop; you’re destination then, Target. Target, or Tar-jay to its many fans, has grown in popularity in recent years with expansion into the grocery and drugstore business. The company has been paying out dividends on a quarterly basis for many years; last year Target paid out $1.32 in dividends, up from $1.10 in 2011 and $0.84 in 2010. The stock price yield is currently at 2.4% but retail analysts expect bigger and better things from Target in the years to come as it continues to differentiate itself from its main competitor, Wal-Mart, no slouch either in the retail trade with a yield of 2.30% and a total 2012 dividend payout of $1.59.

All written here is a general overview about the stock market, in a specific analysis on the event of the super bowl. However, after reading this article one is not an expert in the stocks market, so don’t rush do make investments because it might not be profitable as expected. It’s always recommended to consult with the best brokers out there, such as Markets.com, in order to maximize ones’ chances of succeeding in his investment.

On the night of February 3rd, with Super Bowl party purchases made, and investments considered, all you’ve got to do then is sit back and enjoy the game. And whether your team wins or loses with dividend stocks like these, you’re all set for next year’s big game.




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