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My Dividends Stocks for 2013

Posted on | February 5, 2013 | Comments Off

When people look to invest in dividend stocks, they usually should be prepared for a longer term investment. This is in order to take full advantage of the dividends they pay out. While this is not necessary of course since someone may see a great entry point into a dividend stock and then want to sell it once they have returned a quick decent rise. However dividends in the past have represented close to a 40% average annual total return which why picking the right ones is essential and picking dividend stocks at all a must in my opinion. Some main points to remember is making sure they company you are picking has sound financials. Also ones that have been paying out dividends for years on end are often pretty solid picks. Here are some great picks for stocks that payout dividends.

Here is what I am going with for this year even though I started a month late. :-)


HLF (Herbalife)

Health products and supplements

They payout $0.30 per share or a dividend yield of 3.36% and Quarterly payouts. What I like about this is that it looks like there has been a large amount of insider buying.

CLX (Clorox)

They make consumer and institutional products worldwide. They specialize in cleaning products. They have paid dividends since 1968 and pay out $0.64 a share or a 3.20% yield on a quarterly basis.

JNJ (Johnson & Johnson)

Research and development company in the health care field. They have paid out dividends for 50 years. They pay out $0.61 a share to yield 3.27% Quarterly

PG (Procter and Gamble)

Manufactures consumer packaged goods sold all over the world in grocery and drug stores. They pay out $0.562 a share quarterly. The dividend yield is 2.97%

KO (Coca-Cola)

Beverage company known worldwide for its famous Coke products and other drinks. They have been paying out dividends for 50 years. Current rates are $0.255 per share or a yield of 2.68% Quarterly

CVX (Chevron Corporation)

A petroleum/energy and chemicals company. 25 years worth of paying out dividends. $0.90 a share yields 3.11%. Quarterly

If you are looking for perhaps some higher dividend yield stocks, see below however they tend to be riskier picks due to being new to dividends and or a newly publically traded companies. These are my two picks.

ABBV (AbbVie Inc)

A Research-based pharmaceuticals Company paying out $0.40 dividend per share and a yield of 4.29%

STX (Seagate Technology)

Computer hard drives. They payout $0.38 a share or a 4.48% dividend yield.