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Microsoft Trading Is Very Strong Right Now

Posted on | July 25, 2011 | Comments Off

Today the market is down under 1%, however Microsoft (MSFT) is definitely bucking the trend. The stock is up over 1% today and is approaching the $28 level.

As you can see in the below chart, this has been our hottest performer in the dividend portfolio in recent weeks:

Microsoft Chart (MSFT)

Microsoft Chart (MSFT)

This was one of my best timed trades in recent memory, as we entered the Microsoft position at approximately $24 per share.  Since hitting those levels, it’s gone nearly straight up to where it stands today, just under $28 / share - a move of about 14% in about a month.

When stocks we own make hard and fast moves higher in short amounts of time, it often makes you question whether you should take some profits.  In our dividend portfolio, our goal really isn’t to sell positions but to continue to acquiring positions.  I don’t think we’ll sell Microsoft any time soon unless it spikes to something crazy like $50 / share.  Even if we spike and go back to the mid or low $20′s, it is not worth stressing about.  Our objective is long term performance and acquiring more and more shares of the stocks we like.  We’ll let the runs higher take care of themselves.