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Dividend Portfolio Updates: CIM, WMT, MCD

A few updates on the dividend portfolio on this Friday, July 22nd, 2011. First up a major change on the dividend portfolio.  We’re removing Chimera (CIM) from the dividend potfolio. Chimera was always a unique position in the portfolio and geared more towards high yield in the short term. As my time is becoming strained, it is hard to keep on the inner workings on Chimera (more so than other companies because of its business); as such, we’re going ahead and removing the company from the portfolio. Next, Read more [...]

Initial Dividend Portfolio

Initial dividend portfolio is set.  With the launch of MyDividendStocks.com, we have launched the intial dividend portfolio from which we will discuss dividend investing strategy.  The portfolio will be expanded (or contracted) in the future as we see fit.  The goal is to create a set of recommended stocks complete with fundamental analysis, recommended price target and share accumulation strategy.  We will not recommend a stock without doing a significant amount of research and due diligence.  Read more [...]