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Walmart Share Price Getting Into Nice Buy Territory

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT) has had its share price get hit fairly hard in recent days with the drop in the broad stock market as well as with regards to a recent report that US store traffic might be down this year. The report came from a supposed leaked memo which mentions store traffic down despite efforts to boost same store sales. If this is true, it could mean further weak same store sales numbers from the company the next time it reports them. This could likely push the share price below Read more [...]

Walmart Starts Testing Urban Penetration With Walmart Express Stores

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT) has identified urban markets as a growth opportunity and rejuvenate US comp sales. This week, it will open its first Walmart Express store in Chicago which should be a good test for the success of its penetration strategy using this smaller store format. The stores are one tenth the size of the supercenter format. Walmart plans to open several new stores in the Chicago area in the coming year or so as well. In the quarters ahead, I will be looking for any insight Read more [...]

Market Update July 27, 2011

The Dow got slammed 200 points today with most people pointing to the pending debt ceiling deadline on August 2nd.  As our politicians engage in political theater, all of a sudden the market is worried about debt? Please. The debt has been the same and continues to grow at the same pace. This current round of political theater is meaningless. The US fiscal situation is the same (which isn’t a good fiscal situation) regardless of some stupid debt ceiling that politicians have created. Looking Read more [...]

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Walmart.com Offers Streaming Video

Many people didn’t know that Walmart (WMT) owns Vudu the video streaming service. Walmart has made some moves recently and it’s pretty well timed considering some of the additional headlines going on with Netflix (NFLX) these days. Walmart has fully integrated its Vudu product into Walmart.com - a heavily trafficked site - to allow users to stream movies straight from Walmart.com.  When browsing movies and DVDs on Walmart.com you can see options to buy the physical DVD or stream the movie instantly. Read more [...]

Microsoft Trading Is Very Strong Right Now

Today the market is down under 1%, however Microsoft (MSFT) is definitely bucking the trend. The stock is up over 1% today and is approaching the $28 level. As you can see in the below chart, this has been our hottest performer in the dividend portfolio in recent weeks: This was one of my best timed trades in recent memory, as we entered the Microsoft position at approximately $24 per share.  Since hitting those levels, it’s gone nearly straight up to where it stands today, just under Read more [...]

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