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Microsoft’s Next Dividend Raise Coming Soon

Posted on | June 17, 2011 | Comments Off

Microsoft announced on Wednesday the 4th consecutive dividend at $.16 per quarter.  If the increases remain as they have in recent years, we can expect the next quarter’s dividend to be approximately $.19-$.20 per share.  With a stock price of $24 per share, this would translate to a yield of 3.17%-3.33%.  Crossing the 3% threshold could be important for dividend investors as this is frequently a mental barometer for dividend investors as a minimum yield for potential investments.

We could see some buyers come in to Microsoft (MSFT) as buyers look to lock in the dividend yield.  Microsoft’s continued massive earnings and with several years of consistent raising of the dividend firmly in place, this makes the stock pretty attractive for dividend investors.

This is the last quarter for the 2011 quarters with the dividend at $.16 per quarter.  We would be surprised if there was not an increase before the next quarter.  We will be sure to provide an update for this if and when it happens.

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