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Go Deep & Narrow, Not Shallow & Broad On Your Investing Research

Posted on | May 12, 2011 | Comments Off

Most investors pay attention to too many stocks. Part of the reason they do this is because they hear a stock tip and focus on that stock for five minutes until they hear about another “hot stock.” This is essentially how they trade & invest also.

It makes much more sense to keep your focus on a few stocks and to research them continuously, maybe for years.  Forget massive diversification where you invest in 100 different stocks you hardly know anything about.  Instead, focus on 5-10 stocks and get to know these companies like they are your own.  Learn about the businesses, their cash flows, their management.  By doing this, you’ll get a great feel for the true value of these companies and then can use market fluctuations to take advantage of periods  of time when they are undervalued.

On this website, we’ll be keeping the list of dividend stocks to no more than 10-15 stocks (currently, the list is seven stocks).  We want to provide updates on our select group of stocks over the coming years so you can build giant positions in quality companies and earn massive returns.

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