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Investing In Stocks For The Sake Of Cash Flow

Dividends Offer Decent Protection Against Inflation

Gold, silver and precious metals are obvious choices for protecting your financial assets from inflation.  Precious metals basically hedge your cash against losing value.  Hopefully if your purchasing power is eroding on your cash, the increased value in your gold holdings compensates and you make out ok. With regards to stocks, dividend stocks are indeed a logical choice for some degree of inflation hedging.  Now this works out on a more long-term perspective, but on a short term timeline, Read more [...]

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Thoughts On Buying Back Shares

Several of the stocks in our dividend portfolio are involved in massive share buyback plans.  In fact, Walmart just recently announced a new $15 billion share buyback plan.  This brings up some important questions on investing, namely whether we prefer management to allocate cash into share buybacks or into dividend payments to shareholders.  Let’s look at a few important points. Reinvesting into the company For a company like Walmart, the shares haven’t moved much in a decade.  It is likely Read more [...]

Europe Implosion Should Offer Buying Opportunity For Philip Morris

Europe volatily has impacted the share price of Philip Morris Int’l (PM) negatively in the past.  It is only a matter of time before the European Union has the **** hit the fan.  The Euro is a screwed up currency because the stronger nations in the Union either have to bail out the weaker ones or kick them out.  Greece, Spain, Portugal all have massive issues. Philip Morris (PM) is way too high to buy right now even though I like the company very much.  We need a major event to bring down Read more [...]

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Initial Dividend Portfolio

Initial dividend portfolio is set.  With the launch of MyDividendStocks.com, we have launched the intial dividend portfolio from which we will discuss dividend investing strategy.  The portfolio will be expanded (or contracted) in the future as we see fit.  The goal is to create a set of recommended stocks complete with fundamental analysis, recommended price target and share accumulation strategy.  We will not recommend a stock without doing a significant amount of research and due diligence.  Read more [...]

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