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Remodeled McDonald’s Stores Drive More Sales

McDonald’s Corp (MCD) is working on redesigning, remodeling and even in some cases, rebuilding many of its US stores.  US stores generate almost half of the company’s profit, so growing this division is key to continued profit growth. McDonald’s plans to remodel stores into better layouts that encourage consumers to stick around longer as well as double drive-thru lanes that encourage more traffic. As reported by WSJ, a trial batch of remodeled stores saw sales rise 6% to 7% faster than the Read more [...]

McDonald’s Replacing Some Cashiers With Touch Screen Ordering Systems

McDonald’s (MCD) is changing out some cashiers at some 7,000 European locations replacing cash, man-powered cashiers with credit card touch screen systems.  This seems like a no-brainer as it will lower costs and likely improve speed, accuracy. Europe has been McDonald’s top growing geographic region with steady sales growth in recent years. You can read more on the development here. Read more [...]

Initial Dividend Portfolio

Initial dividend portfolio is set.  With the launch of MyDividendStocks.com, we have launched the intial dividend portfolio from which we will discuss dividend investing strategy.  The portfolio will be expanded (or contracted) in the future as we see fit.  The goal is to create a set of recommended stocks complete with fundamental analysis, recommended price target and share accumulation strategy.  We will not recommend a stock without doing a significant amount of research and due diligence.  Read more [...]

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