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Using Apps to Help Your Business

Posted on | September 18, 2013 | 3 Comments

Before you consider having an app developed for your company think about what issues that app will solve. You need to be decide exactly what you want out of an app or you could wind up with an app that does nothing for the growth of your business.

Apps can be used to help solve business issues and can be useful when they are designed with both the end user and the business owner in mind. There are several issues that every business encounters and can be resolved with an app that is well designed. For businesses that use a mobile phone credit card reader there are also mobile apps that can help grow an existing customer base when used with social media.

For many retail businesses that are on the New York Stock Exchange or NYSE, slow moving stocks can be a problem. Mobile apps can help to overcome this issue by using direct marketing for products or services. Business mobile apps attract various types of users which are familiar with your brand and trust it. Mobile apps can help market slow moving products or services by using direct marketing to customers that most likely will use them. All that needs to be done is to update the app with a promo advertising a discounted price i.e. 25% off when another item with a coupon is used. This only takes seconds to make and your customers will consider purchasing the product which will helps you clear your inventory.

Slow selling days can be a huge hindrance to a business and greatly affects their bottom line. This is one reason why businesses need to continually attract customers to help their business flourish. One tool that has proven to be effective are push notifications. These can be sent out the day before or even on your slowest selling days to entice shoppers to your website or store to boost your sales. Be as creative as you want since push notifications as well as promos are free. They appear in front of the user as a text message and direct them to your company’s app to get more information.

Apps can also be used for customer loyalty programs that keep customers coming back for the rewards. They can be set up in your business app and ensures that customers will never lose their rewards card. The customer is also reminded to use it via push notifications.

If you need to grow your customer base then be sure to include social media sharing in the app. All you need to do is include your special or promo on a social media site such as Facebook. Putting your app on this type of social media site means that it will be viewed by at least 200 people. This is guaranteed to grow your customer base.

So in the end be sure you thoroughly understand all the problems your business has before you go to a developer to have an app created. Once the developer understands all of the problems there are within your business, they will be able to create an app with all the features you need.