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Concerned Over Direction Of Windows

Posted on | June 22, 2011 | Comments Off

I was initially impressed with the Windows 8 Preview that I posted here on the site.  I followed that up with the extended video of the interview and longer demonstration of the new system (can be seen here).  I have lost some of my initial views and am now a little concerned over the direction of Microsoft (MSFT) with their flagship product.

I wrote an article on Seeking Alpha (can be read here) about this and here is an excerpt:

Next, during the demostration of the new platform, it hit a snag when the user clicked on one of the applications such as Excel. As the moderator points out, going to Excel basically takes the user back to “old Windows” with a start button and task bar going away from the new interface. It’s essentially like there are two Windows running, or “old Windows” with a nice new layer on top of it. Not good.

I’m a little concerned over Microsoft’s unwillingness to depart from the old Windows interface and move to its new, slick interface.  Perhaps they should have built a tablet OS based on the Windows Phone OS that is actually somewhat popular.  Then continue to revamp the Windows OS for desktops and laptops.

As I also describe in the SA article linked above, I was not impressed with the Microsoft executives that were answering questions either.

I hope they know what they’re doing here.