Dividend Stocks

Investing In Stocks For The Sake Of Cash Flow

Are shares a better bet than savings?

With the recent further slump in savings interest rates, you can’t rely on a savings account to make you a decent profit. Increasingly, investors are choosing to invest in the stock market in an attempt to get a better return on their money. Shares are traditionally seen as a high risk investment but there is […]

Green Investing – Doing Good for Earth (and Portfolios)

Our World has gone through a massive change since the Industrial Revolution – we have witnessed technology that have forever shaped our lifestyles. Fast forward to the Information Age and we, too, can see how computing has become integral in our daily lives. Now we’re at the forefront of the latest, growing industry that will […]

Does Spread Betting Mean You Don’t Receive Dividends?

While spread betting isn’t available in all regions, most notably the United States, it is an extremely popular product, offering a very different way of trading. Brokers such as Alpari offer it from as little as 10p per point, making it open to just about anyone. However, there’s a very common misconception that when spread […]

Stock Investment Strategies

Trading strategies for most experienced investors always involves technical analysis, years of experience, plenty of investment research in the stock market arena and knowing a thing or two about share prices. However, everyday investors are looking to protect their 401(k) or planning for retirement and are made to feel less important when investing their money […]

Protect Yourself Against Inflation Eating Returns

The word “inflation” can be a scary word for many people especially those that are already retired. However, it should be a word to keep in mind when protecting your investments. Basically the term inflation refers to the price increase for goods and services used by consumers. In the U.S. we measure inflation according to […]

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