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Tips For Saving Money When You’re Young

Category: Personal Finance | December 13, 2016 | Comments Off on Tips For Saving Money When You’re Young

Saving money is not meant to be reserved exclusively for the golden years of one’s life. In fact, as years go by, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to have a comfortable retirement savings amount without starting well before you actually retire. With this in mind, saving money while you’re young doesn’t mean that every penny is held back. Implement a few of these tips now and you can find yourself with an easier time saving throughout your life.

Eating In

Eating out is not as cheap as it used to be. There was a time when having a meal out, alone or with a family, cost about as much as it would to make a nice meal at home. With the rising costs of almost everything, convenience foods and restaurants have started to cost more in kind. Now it is far more cost effective to prepare meals at home rather than to purchase one while you are away. Consider packing a lunch to take with you to work for instance. Doing this saves you considerable money over the course of a month, which can add up to big savings over a year’s time.

Out On The Town

As a young person, social engagements are a priority for most. You do not need to skip out on the night with your friends, but it would be wise to consider the ways that you can spend a little less. Most establishments offer a happy hour daily, some of which last for more than just the one hour. Knowing where these places are and what times to get there can really save you some serious money, regardless of how often you and your friends hit the town.


You might find that when you are researching ways to save your money, articles and blogs might suggest going for the cheaper versions of things that you would otherwise go brand name for. While this is great advice for things like groceries and toiletries, it is actually the opposite for big electronic purchases that will inevitably be made. You will actually save more money in the long run by spending a little more right now. Phones, laptops, tablets and televisions are a few of the items that you really don’t want to go second rate for. The reason being is that the more cheaply made and low quality the item is, the less likely it is to last as long as its higher end competitors or offer the functionality that you actually want. For example, Lenovo makes high quality computers. Spending your money on a product that is deemed among the best means a long standing warranty and the lesser likelihood of spending more money replacing the product before you are personally intending to upgrade.

Snip Those Coupons

In both the physical world and on the internet, coupon codes are becoming a fast way for people to save really big. Before you make any purchases (for really anything and everything), you should do a quick search to see if there are any available printable coupons or promotional codes that you can use to get a little lower of the overall cost. Sometimes even just getting something shipped for free can be a big difference in the end.

These are just a few ways that you can make a dedicated stand towards saving money while you are young. There are countless ways to keep putting money back for the rainy days or retirement, but these listed options should be a good way to get you started.

How Far Back can you Claim PPI?

Category: Insurance, Personal Finance | December 5, 2016 | Comments Off on How Far Back can you Claim PPI?

PPI or Payment Protection Insurance is protection that is included with mortgages, credit cards or loans. It actually protects your payments for one full year in the event you lose your job, become disabled, or any event that renders you unable to make payments. It is a valuable form of insurance which helps protect loan repayments in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

One of the most common questions with those that have PPI is how far back can you claim PPI? Many people that ask this question have had PPI mis-sold to them and want to make PPI claim from their loan providers. The answer to this question is somewhat detailed since it can be a complex process and it is highly recommended that you consult an expert claims management company to file a claim. They can advise you whether you are actually entitled to a refund even before you file a claim.

There is a 6-year time limit for many PPI claims however this time limit was set by the FOS or Financial Ombudsman Services. This is the amount of time that lending institutions including banks must retain records that are in direct relation to any financial agreement such as a mortgage or loan that you have with them. Those records are kept on file the entire time you are repaying your loan. What people don’t know is that only when the loan is repaid or the policy has ended or is terminated does the 6-year time limit come into play. The 6-year time limit is not recognized while a loan is active or being repaid.

If you have an active loan or mortgage meaning you are still making payments the 6-year time limit is not in effect. Only when a loan has been repaid, is inactive or has been terminated is the 6-year time limit in effect. This is one of the most common misunderstandings that many people have when considering how far back they can go to claim PPI.

So the answer to the question how far back can you claim PPI actually depends on the time limit on your loan or mortgage plus the 6-year time limit.

U.S. Election and Earnings Pressure U.S. Shares

Category: General Investing | November 11, 2016 | 1 Comment

U.S. stocks have been under pressure in the latter days of October and the beginning of November as Presidential election jitters took hold sending the VIX volatility index up 70% since hitting a low on October 25, and experienced its first 8-day rise since 2008.  In fact, the S&P 500 large cap index had its first 8-day slide since October 2008, with many large cap stocks getting hammered.  Earnings have been part of the reason for the decline.  Facebook had better than expected earnings and revenue but their outlook spooked the market.  On share trading also faced increasing yields which moved above 1.75%, following stronger than expected average hourly earnings.

On Friday, November 4, the Department of Labor reported its non-farm payroll report. The 161K increase was slightly less than the 170K increase expected, but it was more than made up for by the revisions from the prior months. September was revised to 191k September gain, with August bumped to 176 from 167k, for a net +44k. The unemployment rate also declined to 4.9% from 5%, which showed increasing jobs gains. The real meat of the report came with wages, which are moving higher and could give the Federal Reserve the ammunition it needs to pull the trigger in December and raise rates.

Average hourly earnings surged 0.4% from 0.3%. Average weekly hours were steady at 34.4. Private payrolls added 142k, with the goods producing sector unchanged, while manufacturing lost 9k, with construction up 11k. Service sector jobs increased 142k, led by education, health, up 52k. Government jobs were up 19k. The U6, dropped to 9.5% which was the lowest since April 2008.

Additionally, it appears that export in the U.S. are improving. U.S. trade deficit narrowed 9.9% to -$36.4 billion in September, from a revised -$40.5 billion short-fall in August. Imports declined 1.3% versus the 1.2% August gain, with exports edging up 0.6% versus 1.0% previously. Excluding petroleum, the trade balance posted a -$31.3 billion deficits, versus -$35.1 billion in the prior month.

The Nasdaq was dragged down by the large decline in Facebook shares following the social media giant’s financial results. Although the company beat on both the top and bottom line, their outlook gave investors pause. The company said that they have maximized advertising revenue without reducing the user experience. This means that they will no longer be able to make any incremental growth in advertising revenue.

The shares gapped lower and finished the session following its financial results down 5.7%.  This type of decline is bearish, as those who are long are now trapped, and will likely look to sell their shares if prices retrace back to former support now resistance near the 128 level.  Volume on Facebook shares soared to the highest level of the year, which is bearish on a large down day as it shows many people are attempting to exit their positions.  The only redeeming technical quality is that the shares are oversold and could see a rebound in price action as the RSI prints a reading below 30.

A New Way to Trade Online

Category: General Investing | October 7, 2016 | 4 Comments

Online trading is the process of buying and selling shares on the internet. There’s no need for telephone calls to the broker, although, in some cases, certain stocks have to be bought over the phone!

Historically, the ordinary man on the street would never have thought to buy stocks and shares themselves, always operating through a broker who would have made the investing decisions on their behalf. Whilst the broker still offers these custom services, there’s now nothing to stop the average consumer picking and choosing their own stocks to create their own portfolio.

A customer would typically create an account through an online brokerage service and take advantage of the wealth of company information available at their fingertips. Brokerage firms offer lots of choice and information when it comes to trading online. Historical data is also provided along with relevant news articles and specifics on the company activities.

Different ways of trading online

Buying individual stocks

A customer can go online, search for the company they wish to purchase shares in and buy those shares online through a brokerage service. The customer then receives paperwork online or in the post to show that they now own the shares they have purchased. Other options including purchasing bonds and managed funds.

Spread Betting

This is a completely different way of trading online. Instead of buying and owning the share in a company, the customer places a bet on whether a share price will rise or fall.

Spread betting works in this way. The customer decides whether they think the market will rise or fall. They then place an amount on this bet which is usually between 1% and 10% of the expected profit/or loss.

The customer can choose to between two positions – go long or go short. Go long means that they are betting on the market to rise and go short means that they are betting on the market to fall.

Firms that offer spread betting online will set a buy and sell price. The difference between these two prices is described as the ‘spread’. The customer decides whether they think the stock will rise or fall and places the bet.

There are a number of companies that offer spread betting online, for example, CMC Markets. Companies like these also offer the opportunity to try spread betting in a simulated web environment before betting with real money. This gives the customer an idea of what is involved in the process and demonstrates how the system works.

There are three terms in spread betting that the customer needs to be familiar with:

Margin – this means that the customer does not have to front the entire value of their position at the time they place their bet. A 10% or 20% margin is usually accepted.

Stop loss – this allows the customer to arrange a guaranteed point at which the loss would stop.

Close out – this allows the customer to close the bet before the expiry date. For example, if the bet is going in the wrong direction, the customer can choose to minimize their losses by closing out before they incur greater costs

This system of online trading is an incredibly high-risk one and customers should not take part without considering the pitfalls as well as the benefits.

There have been success stories highlighted in the news with spread betting. In 1997, a trader made five million pounds trading in this way on the foreign exchange market. However, the losses are not as well reported but often can be equally as high.

The best way to start with spread betting is to start small. £1 per point is more sensible than £10 a point for the beginner. Those starting out with spread betting should also find themselves a good broker, who can offer advice and potentially save them from making costly mistakes.

To summarize, there are opportunities to be gained from engaging in spread betting. However, it is still a high-risk activity that can result in significant losses as well as potentially high returns. Customers should proceed with caution and research as widely as possible.


5 Reasons Why Binary Options Traders Fail

Category: General Investing | June 28, 2016 | Comments Off on 5 Reasons Why Binary Options Traders Fail

Trading in binaries turned into one of the most frequently used investing platforms, particularly, for inexperienced investors. Thus, the process of trading is made easy through the understandable regulations, customer-friendly platforms, high-standard features, and high payoffs. Binary options platforms also allow trading with the help of automated software, which allows placing bids instead of investors on the basis of previously prescribed preferences.

Binary Options Robot represents one of the most efficient software platforms. More information about that may be found below. Thanks to the signaling service, most trading brokers offer pleasant trading experience as well as assists in making critical decisions about investments with ease. Nevertheless, there are traders, who place unsuccessful trades.

On our page, we provide 8 typical mistakes, which are frequently made by traders in the course of investing, so that to help both newcomers and experienced traders. Providing the list was intended as the tool of making trading more direct, as well as revealing multiple investing options, which come between the extremities of placing and calling a bid.

Further, you may find 5 typical traders’ mistakes.

  1. Lack of Educational Experience

Since trading on the basis of binary options platforms is perceived as an easy process, financial education is often neglected by traders. Nevertheless, not all efficient traders hold an academic degree, which means that educational preparation must not necessarily be formal. Trying and learning from mistakes is suitable for newcomers. However, professional traders have a different opinion.  Thus, it is more efficient to read professional articles, electronic books, and financial newsletters in order to enhance one’s proficiency than waste time and resources on errors. Indeed, knowledge is the most powerful tool in every sphere. Binary trading is not an exception. Thus, a trader should be interested in getting new knowledge about trading, although it can bring investments’ number down for some time.

If you want to learn more about successful investing, access the Academy, which provides a variety of materials on binary trading.

  1. Failing to Be a Disciplined Trader

Despite it may seem that the world of trading is deprived of any emotional coloring, the analysis of a trader’s behavior reveals the opposite. Traders are humans, who are susceptible to the impact of both positive and negative emotions. Thus, a failing bid inflicts anger and discontent, which may further provoke unsuccessful trading attempts. In the opposite, if a deal turns to be successful, a trader may get excessively confident and puts less effort in the next investments. Thus, despite of the outcome of any current streak, traders have to approach investing with much consideration and attention. It is recommended to make well-developed plans of any investment prior to realizing it. Approaching trading with patience and calmness is critical as well.

Here, we also provide the ways of managing one’s emotions and keeping them under control.

  1. Bare Minimum Investment Level

The primary advantage of binary investing is that it is accessible not only for experienced traders with large funds but for newcomers as well. Thus, binary brokers, usually, establish a deposit minimum on the level of $200. If one compares it to other investment platforms, the binary ones are quite loyal. Here, one can think that the invested $200 is going to be multiplied in the course of trading, which is not true.

Although the first deposit is quite low, there is a minimal investment sum ($50), which has to be placed. Thus, one can figure out that only four bids may be sustained by a trader. In all trading systems, binary investing included, small investments bring low profits.

If one gets small financial profits from trades, it makes the process of making funds quite lengthy, according to which investors may lose their patience and place illogical bids so that to move along quicker. The investors have to keep in mind that there is always a possibility to fail in trading. Furthermore, placing minimal deposit is a guarantee of getting low benefits. No matter what the level of traders’ proficiency is, they must analyze the accounts, which are offered by various brokers, in order to trade efficiently.

It may be recommended to employ automated software, Binary Option Robot, for those traders, who have difficulties with placing successful trades.

  1. The Absence of a Plan

No matter how easy the process of binary trading seems to be, it is still an actual type of trading. Despite many people consider binary investing being a range of such simple operations as registering, making a deposit, and sustaining trades, it takes much time and planning to become a successful trader. If one analyzes the system of binary investing, one discovers two critical elements within it, which are education and planning. Thus, you have to consider planning the sum of investment, as well as the time and place of sustaining it. Besides, you have to take into consideration the possible risks and losses. If trading is not progressing and brings many losses, one may consider revising a plan. The experienced traders with elaborate accounts often use the services of an advisor, who improves their planning. And do not forget the power of binary options trading strategies

  1. Unrealistic Aims

It has to be admitted that many inefficient brokers, which employ fraudulent promises about creating advanced accounts, still function. According to such brokers, making huge sums of money easily is possible with binary options trading. In contrast, binaries are reliable and may become efficient platforms for making money; however, it functions only with responsible and well-educated traders. If you want to make sure that the chosen broker is non-fraudulent, refer to the ones, which are registered by such official institutions as CySEC. Moreover, it is critical to keep one’s emotions and the flaming desire to make money under control since binary platforms are not the tools of easy enrichment. Furthermore, the sum of investment has to be considered, due to the fact that it impacts the largeness of profits directly.

 Using binaries may bring large benefits and favorable trading experience only if one is aware of the ways to make profits. Even though binary trading is customer-friendly, sustaining it requires much professional preparation and planning. Thus, the investors must accept the challenge of getting used to diverse trading conditions, as well as learning to avoid rapid irrational investments.



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