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Investing In Stocks For The Sake Of Cash Flow

Microsoft Raises Its Dividend 25% To $.20 Per Quarter / $.80 Annually

This is why we invest in the stocks we invest in. Increasing dividend payments. Microsoft is one of our main holdings, and we capitalized on weakness in the stock over various times in 2011 to buy the shares at the $24/share level. With the new dividend yield, we’ve locked in a yield of 3.3% based […]

Walmart Delivers Solid 2011 Q2 Report

2Q profit rose 5.7 percent mostly via international strength. Profit was $3.8 billion or $1.09 a share compared to $.97 a share a year ago. Revenue was up 5.5% overall, but International revenue was up 16.2%. This is no surprise and this will absolutely be the trend over the coming years with nearly all growth […]

Microsoft & Walmart On Dow Jones Contrarian Index

Two of our dividend stocks have been added to the Dow Jones Contrarian Index. This index is made up of market laggards that have underperformed peers but sport solid fundamentals. Here’s more from Barron’s: The two names join the Dow Jones U.S. Contrarian Opportunities Index, which is reviewed in January and July.  The latest review […]

Raven Industries (RAVN) Down 10% In One Day

Pretty large drop today in one of our dividend stocks. Raven Industries (RAVN) took a 10% hit on a day when the Dow dropped 600+ points. Stocks are getting slaughtered right now (last 5 days have been crazy) and it’s tough to find stocks that don’t get brought down with it. This is what we […]

TRADE: Added Some WMT at $49.95 / share

I said I like Walmart below $50 a share and I acted on it. This was a small addition, but I added to my Walmart position under $50. We will wait for another leg down before adding more at least in the near term. This starts to get wonderfully attractive around $45.  At that point, […]

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