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Market Update Aug 19, 2011

Volatility continued this week, but as you can see in the below chart, we haven’t hit new lows yet. If we break below 1100, we could definitely see the S&P 500 move towards the 1000 level. A bear market indeed. Let’s look at some of our dividend stocks we’re watching and how they have performed […]

Market Update July 27, 2011

The Dow got slammed 200 points today with most people pointing to the pending debt ceiling deadline on August 2nd.  As our politicians engage in political theater, all of a sudden the market is worried about debt? Please. The debt has been the same and continues to grow at the same pace. This current round […]

Market Update July 1, 2011

Markets are finishing up a giant week with huge gains throughout the week.  Interestingly, today is also the first day after the conclusion of the Federal Reserve’s QE2 program.  How does that fit?  Well, the market has known the end of QE2 would be on June 30th for some time and therefore “priced in” or […]

Market Update June 21, 2011

The markets have had three up days in a row following the news that Europe is near another “kick the can” bailout of the bankrupt country of Greece.  Of course, the market is being driven by short term traders right now, which we want nothing to do with. We will continue to be patient and […]

Market Update June 17, 2011

The S&P 500 is eying a bounce this morning as traders/investors gain confidence over the situation in Greece and Europe.  While of course no long-term solutions are offered, traders can be appeased in the short term with the promise of short-term bailouts and stability efforts. Interestingly, Apple (AAPL) broke its 200 day moving average yesterday […]

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